The Charity Digital Skills Report survey is open until 26th April

Charity Digital Skills Report 2024

This year’s Charity Digital Skills Report survey is out now.

What is it?

The survey aims to pinpoint persistent challenges in funding, leadership, and digital skills. It is then used to create a report that’s widely shared and used to inform funding and support for the third sector. By taking the survey, charities and other social sector organisations will help to build a picture of the sector’s trends and support needs, as well as how issues such as inclusion are affecting digital maturity.

Last year there were 42 respondents from Wales out of 504. You can complete the form in Cymraeg, as well as in English. Share your thoughts and help further represent Wales in the next survey. The 2023 report is on their website


Thanks to the support of Catalyst and Zoe Amar Digital, they are offering the chance to win unrestricted funding of £500 each for 5 eligible organisations.

How we use the Charity Digital Skill Report

Digital training covers a wide range of potential topics, and one way we used the 2023 report was to help us decide on some areas to focus on for our free digital skills training sessions. 88% of the organisations in Wales that took part in the 2023 survey identified Social Media and improving their online presence as one of their priorities for the next 12 months, so we provided a session on that.

The Charity Digital Skills Report asks about the barriers organisations face to moving forward with digital - having a better understanding of what these challenges are is key for us to test out solutions to tackle them. The more we hear about these challenges from third sector organisations in Wales the better! Last year’s survey showed that CRMs’, staff skills and funding for digital were areas that organisations in Wales were experiencing challenges in. This was extra evidence that helped us decide what areas we needed to look at providing support for next.

The digital development scale, used to assess where an organisation is in their digital adoption journey, really resonated with us as a partnership. It is a great tool to determine where an organisation is and assess what support is appropriate for their level. We’re in the process of adapting and developing this idea into a larger resource.

Credit: From the Charity Digital Skills Survey 2023

The survey closes at midnight on Friday 26th April. Join the conversation and take the survey below.

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