New customisable CRM template for Welsh 3rd sector organisations

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We have designed a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the Third Sector that’s free to copy, adapt and use.

The CRM has been built on a system called Airtable which is simple to use and can quickly be changed or developed by staff without any coding experience. If you can use Excel, you should be comfortable experimenting with Airtable. 

We recognise that every organisation has unique needs when it comes to CRM solutions. This template was created to be highly customisable straight away. Organisations can adjust views, add or remove fields, set up automations and integrations, and tailor the base to their specific requirements.

You can access the CRM template and give it a go if you feel confident using the instructions below. Alternatively, you can access a service called DigiCymru to get 1-1 free support to help you adapt the CRM for your specific needs.

Over time we will be adding additional templates based on testing and building different solutions with a range of third sector organisations. If you build and adapt your own CRM from our template then let us know, and we can share what you have built to help similar organisations.

Identifying the need for a CRM template

In order to inform the development of Newid we spoke to a range of third sector organisations to understand how digital could help. One thing we learnt was the huge administrative burden that organisations faced due to outdated systems, poor processes and reporting requirements.

They told us about the problems distracting them from frontline work: 

“All administration is a challenge.”

The emotional toll of broken systems:

"A lot of our staff get frustrated with administrative tasks and when digital goes wrong."

In particular, people spoke about non-existent, outdated or not fit-for-purpose CRMs:

"If we can find the right volunteer management platform, the amount of time that would free up with regards to staff time would allow us I think to probably take on a minimum of two new projects." 

One organisation shared that the CRM platform they used was ‘clunky’ and ‘unadaptable’. The system didn’t allow them to put the additional work they do on there, so they had to duplicate data in multiple places to accurately record how they met their outcomes.

They said:

“We spend more time inputting data than spending time with our service users. If we could find a way of simplifying, that would be great. If only there was a way for the CRM to talk to more platforms.”

Building an adaptable solution

We designed a flexible CRM template using Airtable's powerful no-code platform. This template provides a starting point for managing contacts, organisations, projects, interactions, volunteers, tasks, notes, and more in one centralised database.

We recognise that every organisation has unique needs when it comes to CRM solutions. During our Discovery process we were told about the difficulty of using a generic CRM: 

‘It’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole’.

Our template was created to be highly customisable right out of the box. Organisations can easily adjust views, add or remove fields, set up automations and integrations with other systems, and tailor the template to their specific requirements.

The CRM template includes:

  • Contacts and organisation directory
  • Tasks management
  • Notes and file attachments
  • Reporting and filtered views

How to use the template

The CRM base template is available for free on Airtable Universe. Here's how to get started:

  1. Visit the Airtable Universe and click the "Use Template" button
  2. The base will be copied into a new workspace in your Airtable account.
  3. Customise views, fields, and automations to your needs
  4. Import existing data or start adding new records
  5. Share with team members and set permissions

Airtable is a commercial product but it is free for individuals and small teams. If you need the additional functionality of a paid plan they offer a 50% discount for eligible non-profits.

Need More Help?

While the template is designed to be intuitive, implementing a new CRM system can seem daunting. If you need assistance getting set up and customising the template, DigiCymru is available to provide guidance.

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