Free Course: Designing Digital Services

We are running a free course for third sector organisations in Wales.

Six people doing group work in an office.
Photo by ProMo Cymru

We are running a free course for third sector organisations in Wales.

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The aim of the course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to design person-centred digital services and inspire them to take advantage of digital approaches to maximise social impact.

Lady looking at ‘How Might We’ statements, smiling.

During this course, participants will:

  • Get the opportunity to solve a real-life challenge that their organisation is facing
  • Dedicate time and space to test out new ideas and approaches
  • Learn new things about their service users and their needs
  • Receive mentoring and guidance from digital experts
  • Learn how to develop digital services that are person-centred through using the Service Design methodology
  • Experiment with new digital tools
  • Gain access to digital tools and resources
I learnt that the ideas we have and think are good are not always best suited to our audience. It is always useful to ask ourselves what we actually know compared to what we think we know.

What’s the course format?

The course consists of 2 parts. The first one is a webinar introducing the Service Design methodology and why it works for digital services. You can choose to only attend the first part, or if you have a service design project you complete the second part where we will support you in developing your digital service.

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