How a Community and Cultural Centre uses Zapier to update their mailing list automatically

Smiling group photo of EVI Pantry team in the Pantry.
Photo by ProMo Cymru

What was the problem?

The Ebbw Vale Institute (EVI) Community & Cultural Centre has been building up its mailing list using an e-marketing tool called Mailchimp. They use it to design email newsletters to keep the community and their contacts up to date on all their opportunities, community events, classes, and news. It also allows them to track how many people have opened their emails and clicked the links included making it an effective tool for checking engagement and tracking data. 

For event management, they have been using Humanitix (a not-for-profit event ticketing platform) to allow people to book tickets for any events they’re running. A handy thing about Humanitix is when someone is ordering their ticket, customers have the option to be added to their mailing list. This was great to help build up their mailing list. 

The problem was they had to manually and individually copy and paste emails of those who wanted to join the mailing list over to their sign-up form on their website. As you can imagine, this was a very time-consuming and repetitive task for staff!

How they used digital to solve it

To make this process effortless, EVI staff started using Zapier to automate the task. 

What is Zapier? 

Zapier is an automation tool. It “connects all the apps you use for work so you can focus on what’s next.”

What they did 

A member of the EVI team linked up their Humanitix account to Zapier, and input the Trigger ‘new order on Humanitix’. They then linked up their Mailchimp account and added the Action ‘add/update subscriber in Mailchimp’ and published the ‘Zap’. Now every time someone ticks that they want to be added to the mailing list on Humanitix, they are automatically added to Mailchimp.

Screenshot of a automation on Zapier. The trigger ‘new order on Humanitix’ autimates the action ‘add/update subscriber in Mailchimp’.

Megan, a staff member at EVI said “It works perfectly syncing and bringing together both platforms, automatically saving new order emails to our mailing list and saving a lot of time. It also ensures we don’t accidentally miss anyone!” 

If you’re looking to try out automation and save some time, Zapier is a great tool to start with. 

Useful info 

You can connect over 6,000 different apps within Zapier. A few include Google Sheets, Typeform, Outlook, Facebook, and WordPress. The Zapier website is full of guides and blogs to give you inspiration on the possibilities of what you can do.

Free vs paid plan

There are four plans which range from the free account for individuals to a team account that allows for 2,000 tasks a month. They also offer a discount if you choose a  yearly subscription.

Zapier offers a 15% discount for Non-Profits. All you need to do is sign up for a free Zapier account, then complete their application and provide a document verifying your non-profit status. 

 Five different price plans for Zapier. Free, Starter £16.23, Professional £39.79, Team £56.02, and Company.

We would recommend starting out with a free account like EVI and see if your organisation finds it useful before paying for a subscription.

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