How ProMo Cymru saves time booking meetings using Calendly

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When ProMo’s DigiCymru service requests skyrocketed, it became harder for the team to balance the legwork it took to book sessions with each organisation. That's where Calendly came in. Below, you will find out how they use Calendly to remove the need for back-and-forth emailing.

What was the problem

ProMo runs a service called DigiCymru. As part of this, the team offers third-sector organisations online 1-2-1s with one of our digital experts. 

Initially, the booking process was that an organisation would have to request a meeting, and then the person picking up the e-mail would have to schedule a time that worked.

The problem the team were experiencing was back-and-forth emailing with the client to find a suitable meeting time and then evenly distributing who provided support. This meant a lot of time was spent on admin before they could actually help! 

ProMo knew they needed something to help speed things up so more time could be spent helping organisations directly than doing admin.  Calendly is a tool that makes it easier and quicker to book meetings and so it was the perfect solution.

How they used digital to solve it

To make sure scheduling a session was quick and easy for the client and evenly split between the team, ProMo started using Calendly's Round Robin function. 

Calendly automatically displays available slots from staff members' calendars based on the rules you set. This makes it easy for organisations to find a date that works for them without the back-and-forth of emails. It then helps make the distribution of meetings fair by assigning them to the next available team member in a rotation. Distributing appointments evenly ensures each staff member has a manageable workload and that clients receive prompt, consistent service.

After someone has scheduled a meeting through Calendly, it will automatically be added to everyone involved's calendar. Calendly's automated reminder system sends notifications to attendees before their scheduled appointments to help reduce the chances of no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Calendly helped ProMo book seventeen sessions in one week across three staff members' calendars!  This wouldn’t have been possible based on their previous email-heavy approach. Without this tool,  staff would have spent a lot of time emailing back and forth between themselves and clients, meaning there would be less time to support other charities

Useful info 

Calendly currently offers a 50% price reduction for charities. They don't state this on their website, but we got the discount by messaging their customer support team, so it's worth reaching out.

The free version of Calendly allows you to share your calendar with someone individually but doesn’t include the ‘Round Robin’ feature which we use. There is also an alternative scheduler which is similarly priced and offers additional security functions. 

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