How four helplines used a no-code CRM to save time

Advisor for Gwent Access to Advocacy helpline talking on the phone while taking notes with a pen and paper at a desk.
Photo by ProMo Cymru

What was the problem?

ProMo Cymru was able to simplify how it manages data and reduce admin for staff across its four helplines by using Airtable. Before the team started using Airtable, they used several CRM systems, so data and resources were spread across different platforms. This meant that there were too many unnecessary steps which created an admin burden and increased the risk of human error.

How did they use digital to solve it?

The team now uses one Airtable CRM for their four helplines, it acts as a case management system to input and monitor case records. They also use it to store information on organisations and projects, and to keep track of monitoring information. 

The main benefit of Airtable is that it empowers front-line staff to quickly change or iterate the platform without needing to work with a developer; it does not need any coding experience. Airtable looks similar to well-known spreadsheet platforms like Microsoft Excel, but you can change how you view data so it’s easy to understand, and automate tasks to save time. 

“While spreadsheets are fine for tracking information, Airtable makes your data usable. In Airtable you can sync, structure and store data however you need to”

Team members have noted a significant ease in their workload because most of what they need is now in one place. Airtable also helps you to link other external systems to make admin easier. For example, if you have a new member sign up through Airtable’s forms it can automatically add them to your newsletter if you are using a platform such as Mailchimp. 

If you’re stuck with a CRM that no longer works or looking at expensive bespoke solutions to manage your data, resources, or tasks, Airtable might save you time and money.

Try the Newid CRM template

If you are interested in viewing an Airtable CRM purposefully built for the Welsh third sector, then you can try the CRM Template we have created.

Available Nonprofit Plans:

Airtable offer a 50% Nonprofit discount.

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